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MiddayDreamz is a creative software house that is dedicated to producing quality animations, games, mobile apps and web applications. Our creative experience manages producing visual effects and the technology strategies of large and small businesses to provide augmented reality based products, innovative design, quality implementation and supports the best services for our products tailored to your specific needs. We care most your workflow to grow your business.

Why Choose Us

Our values are the principles we use to run our Company. The source of our entire Code, a sort of ethical backbone, is CLIFE.

  1. Client Value: We maintain the motto to surpass client expectations consistently.
  2. Leadership by example: We set standards in our business and transactions and are exemplars for the industry and ourselves.
  3. Integrity and Consistency: We are ethical, sincere and open in all our transactions.
  4. Fairness: We are objective and transaction-oriented, and thereby earn trust and respect.
  5. Excellence: We strive relentlessly to constantly improve ourselves, our teams, our services and products to become the best.
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