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 <menu col=1,​align=left>​ <menu col=1,​align=left>​
-  <​item>​Home|We ​ream. We build.|[[start]]|{{:​home.png|}}</​item>​+  <​item>​Home|We ​dream. We build.|[[start]]|{{:​home.png|}}</​item>​
   <​item>​Animation|Dream our future.|[[animation]]|{{:​animation.png|}}</​item>​   <​item>​Animation|Dream our future.|[[animation]]|{{:​animation.png|}}</​item>​
   <​item>​Game Development|Life is a game.|[[game]]|{{:​game.png|}}</​item>​   <​item>​Game Development|Life is a game.|[[game]]|{{:​game.png|}}</​item>​
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