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PingMap is a mediator to get your friends and family members instant location. It may also support the trusted members to know your location without interrupting you even when you are busy in important meeting, asleep or unaware about phone during travelling. Emergency Assistant of PingMap can even save your life while you are attacked by perpetrators by sending your instant location to your trusted contacts (friends and family members). This app is secured among peer-to-peer. We value your privacy, which is strictly maintained. You can also enjoy an ad-free option of this apps inviting a specific number of your peers.


Features of PingMap

  1. Real-time location of Friends&Family on google map
  2. Emergency Assistance to save you from perpetrators
  3. Instant and Auto Messaging
  4. Interactive and User-friendly User Interface (UI)

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy page was created at privacy policy

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